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Vector Abducted Shoulder Sling

Vector™ Abducted Shoulder Immobilizer


This sling offers superior comfort and immobilization with its Vector™ strapping system that eliminates pressure on the neck. The elbow region of the sling envelope is open to minimize pressure on the ulnar nerve.


The Vector™ is available for sale in either the left or right shoulder configuration. However, each Vector™ is bilateral and may be modified to fit the left or right shoulder. Pillow is designed to position the arm in approximately 15˚ of abduction.


HCPC: L3670

Vector Abducted Shoulder Sling

  • Manufacturer:

    Medical Specialties
  • VA - GSA/FSS Contracted Item:

    Contract #: 36F79720D0126

    SAM Unique ID: CJ4RWBC8AEW9

  • Size / Part Numbers:

    Size Part # - Left Part # - Right
    Small 183702 183712
    Medium 183704 183714
    Large 183705 183715
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