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Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer (black)

Outrigger® II Shoulder Immobilizer


The Outrigger II has a more comfortable shoulder pad and thumb strap. A unique fastening tab allows the shoulder pad to be easily repositioned along the shoulder strap. The Outrigger II also includes an exercise ball for the hand.


The sling envelope is made from a highly breathable spacer fabric. The pillow is designed to position the arm in approximately 15° of abduction.


The Outrigger II is sold in a right shoulder configuration; however, the Outrigger II is bilateral and is easily reconfigured to fit the left shoulder.


HCPC: L3670

Outrigger II Shoulder Immobilizer (black)

  • Manufacturer:

    Medical Specialties
  • VA - GSA/FSS Contracted Item:

    Contract #: 36F79720D0126

    SAM Unique ID: CJ4RWBC8AEW9

  • Size / Part Numbers:

    Size Part #
    Small 183752
    Medium 183754
    Large 183755
    X-Large 183756
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