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K9 Series Knee Sleeves


K9-C: 1/8" Neoprene closed patella knee sleeve.

K9-OP: Patella Opening, Padded.

K9-O: Patella Opening, no anterior oval pad.

K9-CP: closed patella with anterior oval pad.

KC9-O: KoolFlex material, patella opening, no anterior oval pad.

K9-OD: open patella with 1/4" enclosed tubular buttress.

K9-OST: open patella with superior tubular buttress.




K9 Series Knee Sleeves

  • Manufacturer:

    New Options Sports
  • VA - GSA/FSS Contracted Item:

    Contract #: 36F79720D0126

    SAM Unique ID: CJ4RWBC8AEW9

  • Features & Benefits:


    • Easy to use sleeve designed for durability and comfort
    • 1/8” nylon, 2-sides neoprene
    • Patellar opening for positioning and comfort
    • Anterior oval pad allows for additional protection over condyle area
    • Available in open or closed patella sizes XS-4X
  • Indications:


    • Knee sleeve recommended for any mild to moderate knee discomfort
    • Offers mild compression, padding and therapeutic warmth
  • Size / Part Numbers:

    Size: K9-C: K9-CP: K9-O: KC9-O: K9-OD: K9-OP K9-OST
    X-Small K9‐C X-Small K9‐CP X-Small K9‐O X-Small KC9‐O X-Small K9‐OD X-Small K9‐OP X-Small K9‐OST X-Small
    Small K9‐C Small K9‐CP Small K9‐O Small KC9‐O Small K9‐OD Small K9‐OP Small K9‐OST Small
    Medium K9‐C Medium K9‐CP Medium K9‐O Medium KC9‐O Medium K9‐OD Medium K9‐OP Medium K9‐OST Medium
    Large K9‐C Large K9‐CP Large K9‐O Large KC9‐O Large K9‐OD Large K9‐OP Large K9‐OST Large
    X-Large K9‐C X-Large K9‐CP X-Large K9‐O X-Large KC9‐O X-Large K9‐OD X-Large K9‐OP X-Large K9‐OST X-Large
    2X-Large K9‐C 2X-Large K9‐CP 2X-Large K9‐O 2X-Large KC9‐O 2X-Large K9‐OD 2X-Large K9‐OP 2X-Large K9‐OST 2X-Large
    3X-Large K9‐C 3X-Large K9‐CP 3X-Large K9‐O 3X-Large KC9‐O 3X-Large K9‐OD 3X-Large K9‐OP 3X-Large K9‐OST 3X-Large
    4X-Large K9‐C 4X-Large K9‐CP 4X-Large K9‐O 4X-Large KC9‐O 4X-Large K9‐OD 4X-Large K9‐OP 4X-Large K9‐OST 4X-Large
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