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K199: "The Spooner" Patella Stabilizing Strapping System

The New Options Sports K199 or "Spooner" is a product designed to assist with patella-femoral tracking issues while wearing a rigid knee brace following any knee ligament injury or surgery.


It is not uncommon to have patella soreness due to mal-tracking and the K199 was designed to work with any brand of rigid bracing.


Whether strapped to the brace or directly to the skin, the K199 is the product of choice.

K199: "The Spooner" Patella Stabilizing Strapping System

  • Manufacturer:

    New Options Sports
  • VA - GSA/FSS Contracted Item:

    Contract #: 36F79720D0126

    SAM Unique ID: CJ4RWBC8AEW9

  • Features & Benefits:


    • For use with any custom, non-custom or unloader functional knee brace
    • Spooning effect captures and controls the patella
    • Helps eliminate migration
    • Easily allows for retrofitting to most rigid braces on the market today without modifying products
    • Velcro compatible lycra finish allows for easy custom fit adjustment
    • Alligator tabs allow strap length adjustments for proper fitting
    • Strapping system can also be worn as a stand alone product without the use of functional brace
    • PDAC recommended L2795 billing code when prescribed with a rigid, double upright OTS functional brace and L2800 if the brace is Custom. 
  • Indications:


    • Controls medial patella Meniscus Ligament (MPML) and Medial Femoral Ligament (MPFL)
    • Assures proper alignment while wearing most rigid functional braces (rigid brace not included)
  • Size / Part Numbers:

    Size: Part #:
    Universal K199 Universal
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