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EVO Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (fits legt or right) (black)

EVO® w/ Hinge Ankle Stabilizer

The EVO with Hinge consists of the regular EVO with the addition of a removable plastic hinge, which allows for a progressive step-down treatment protocol. The low profile hinge fits easily inside most shoes. The detachable plastic hinge is also selfadjusting and offers enhanced protection.


The EVO with Hinge is bilateral and fits either the left or right foot. Indications include: inversion or eversion ankle sprains, syndesmotic ankle sprain (high ankle sprain), subtalar joint instability, and medial or lateral ankle instability.


PDAC verified L1906

EVO Hinge Ankle Stabilizer (fits legt or right) (black)

  • Manufacturer:

    Medical Specialties
  • VA - GSA/FSS Contracted Item:

    Contract #: 36F79720D0126

    SAM Unique ID: CJ4RWBC8AEW9

  • Size / Part Number:

    Size Part #
    X-Small 264311
    Small 264312
    Medium 264314
    Large 264315
    X-Large 264316
    2X-Large 264317
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