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CMC-X Thumb Stabilizer (black)

CMC-X™ Thumb Stabilizer The CMC-X™


Thumb Stabilizer helps provide your patients with pain relief from CMC joint arthritis. The “X” straps are easily adjusted to position the first metacarpal (base of thumb) in the desired degree of abduction to help stabilize the CMC joint while still allowing the thumb to have functional mobility.


The adjustable stay pod works in concert with the “X” straps to provide gentle pressure and help stabilize the CMC joint. The stay pod contains a malleable aluminum stay and is easily bent and repositioned by a medical provider for a customized fit. The body of the CMC-X is made from hypoallergenic CoolFlex™ material for comfort and compression. The CMC-X must be purchased in either a left or right size.


HCPC: L3923 or L3924

CMC-X Thumb Stabilizer (black)

  • Manufacturer:

    Medical Specialties
  • VA - GSA/FSS Contracted Item:

    Contract #: 36F79720D0126

    SAM Unique ID: CJ4RWBC8AEW9

  • Size / Part Number:

    Size Part # - Left Part # - Right
    X-Small 224451 224461
    Small 224452 224462
    Medium 224454 224464
    Large 224455 224465
    X-Large 224456 224466
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