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CMC-X Lacer Thumb Stabilizer

CMC-X™ Lacer Thumb Stabilizer


The CMC-X™ Lacer Thumb Stabilizer has the same “X” straps and stay pod as the original CMC-X Thumb Stabilizer. However, the CMC-X Lacer has a speed lacer closure system around the wrist for faster application and is bilateral so a given size will fit both the left or right thumb.


The body of the CMC-X is made from hypoallergenic CoolFlex™ material for comfort and compression.


HCPC: L3923 or L3924

CMC-X Lacer Thumb Stabilizer

  • Manufacturer:

    Medical Specialties
  • Size / Part Number:

    Size Part #
    X-Small 224471
    Small 224472
    Medium 224474
    Large 224475
    X-Large 224476
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